Odoo ERP

The one-stop solution that keeps all your business functions in sync!

Smruthi Technologies is a strong advocate of Odoo, formerly OpenERP, a cost-effective tool which benefits corporations of all sizes, from the smallest up. Odoo is a ERP perfect solution as a comprehensive suite of business applications for Finance, Purchase, Sales, Manufacturing, CRM, Point of Sale, Events, Blogs, Project Management, Warehouse Management, Website Building, eCommerce Integration and Human Resource Management, just to name a few.


There are more than 2 millions users of Odoo worldwide today. The popularity of the software is due to its unique range of features. Odoo includes modules such as Sales/CRM, Purchase, Warehouse, Accounting, HR/Payroll.

Odoo is a revolution in the professional ERP market as it minimizes the initial cost of the software - Odoo is free to download and the primary emphasis is on professional services + customisation. Odoo provides a solution that is tailored to your specific needs giving you a 100% requirements fit. It is flexible, can be customised and is easy to integrate with a range of technologies, since it uses the latest business intelligence tools. Odoo has proven to be extremely user-friendly, logical and non-restrictive, and feature-rich - covering all functional areas of a business. Odoo is based on an advanced, technically clean and extendable architecture, and has professional support and warranty like any other commercial software.