Enterprise Mobility

With mobile users approaching billions, device, application, and support requirements are placing huge demands on organizations seeking to become an everywhere, anytime, business.

Moving beyond data access, mobility has transformed into a way of doing business that means real, transactional impact to the bottom line. Organizations that seek to leverage mobility, are changing not only business processes but also business models to support the immense potential that mobility presents. However, understanding how to best utilize mobility can become a daunting task that not only affects IT but also lines of business in every industry.

The focus of Smruthi Technologies comprehensive mobility services portfolio is to help customers understand where to start, how to get there, and the impact mobility has on its business.

From consulting, development and managed services, we have the capabilities to deliver the innovation needed to help companies become an everywhere, anytime business.

Some areas that Smruthi Technologies helps customers include:

  • Aftermarket Service
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Employee & Manager Self Service
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Efficiency in Manufacturing including Inventory, Logistics, etc.

Our mobility solutions are integrated with our Enterprise ERP Solution and provides the customer with real time mobile enabled applications.