Mobile Apps Development

At Smruthi Technologies, we understand the importance of cross-platform applications, both from a business and technical perspective. We guide our customers through the entire app development process, including guidance on the appropriate platform and development approaches.

We have strong expertise in developing cross-platform hybrid mobile apps. We ensure a strong architectural foundation and follow guidelines and standards from device manufacturers, to ensure apps are approved without any problem. We work with our customers to guide them on the app strategies, and handle all submission process for Apple Appstore and Google Playstore.

What are Hybrid Apps

Hybrid is a way of building mobile apps using open web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, rather than using the proprietary or specialized languages used by iOS, Android, and others.

Hybrid mobile apps provides many benefits over native, including a common Code base which makes it easier to maintain in the long run, short development time providing capability for multiple apps to be created in the same timeframe, consistent UI across both platforms and low development cost. They also imply lower development time and lower maintenance effort since it involves development of a single platform rather than multiple.